What Does ‘Hard Work’ Actually Look Like?

Thanks for the encouragement! I really needed to hear that after a rough week of freelance work.

Meg Dowell Writes

We hear a lot about success depending on how “hard” we’re willing to work.

But what does it actually mean to work “hard”?

It certainly can’t mean pushing yourself to the point of burnout and despair simply to achieve the results you want. No creator has ever come back from burnout not regretting their previous choices.

So if hard work doesn’t look like the stereotypical movie montage of a writer pulling four consecutive all-nighters to meet a deadline or make time for pursuing their “dream,” what does it really look like?

Maybe, from the outside, it just looks like every other job.

Working hard doesn’t always “look” hard.

Today, if you tell someone you get eight full hours of sleep every night, have time to rewatch all nine seasons of The Office on Netflix (again), and find time to make healthy meals and exercise most days of the week, you…

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