4 Random Skills That Are Surprisingly Useful for Aspiring Writers

Meg Dowell Writes

Writers don’t actually have to spend all their time writing to increase their chances of “making it.”

Yes, you do have to write if you want to be a writer. Other things matter too, though. Like being able to solve problems, understand how people feel and think, and learning how to improve at something slowly over time.

You might not think the following skills have anything to do with writing. In a way, you’re wrong.

1. Gaming

For many people, games are fun — even if they’re terrible at playing them (not that I know this from experience …). Some games might actually help you get better at problem-solving though, which is an essential skill for writers. Bloggers, for example, do well when they present a problem followed by an ideal solution for their audiences.

No, you shouldn’t spend all of your writing time playing video games to try improving…

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