I Started Reaching Out Directly to Companies I Wanted to Write for. Here’s What I Learned.

Thanks for this tip, I’ve wanted to reach out to several companies, but didn’t know the best way to write a creative cover letter without it sounding stilted. Now I know that I can tell a good story even in a professional email. Good advice!

Meg Dowell Writes

When I stopped using Upwork and similar sites last year, I never went back.

I’ve been writing long enough that I’m no longer interested in producing work for companies or publications that only want me to work “for” them. I’m dedicated to writing WITH companies who treat the creative and publishing process as a team effort. My traditional freelancing experience was the opposite, and I grew to hate it within two years.

But it’s not as easy to find writing jobs when you don’t have a resource like Upwork to provide you with potential options.

Or is it?

I follow many websites, YouTube channels, and other creative media outlets and personalities online. There are several I wouldn’t mind working with on some level, at some point. But they don’t know that. Until I reach out to them directly, anyway.

I haven’t always done this. But once I started, I fell…

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