It’s the Small Things That Inspire Us the Most

This is so true. I can be sitting out on the front porch swing, and a story idea will hit me in the gut and not leave me alone until I begin fleshing it out.

Meg Dowell Writes

What inspires you in the moments you least expect to find inspiration?

I’m not talking about the “inspiration” that comes from searching through 500 inspirational quotes on Tumblr until one finally hits you where it matters.

I’m talking about the surprises. The story ideas that appear when you’re just walking down the sidewalk or sitting in a lecture or minding your own business reading a book for fun.

Maybe it’s a hummingbird outside the window. A really good cup of coffee. Waking up before your alarm and having a few extra minutes just to breathe. The ending of a book you wish had never come but was worth the heartbreak anyway.

In all the years I’ve been writing, I’ve found that what inspires me to create the most isn’t a quote from a successful entrepreneur, a YouTube video about productivity or a book filled with all the reasons I should…

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