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Mixing first person and third person limited points of view in your writing

When I was in my writing zone on Sunday afternoon, I had an idea to mix first person POV with limited third person Point of view (POV). I posed the question on the camp NaNoWriMo message board for the cabin I’m participating in. Here’s a link that explains how to write using both first and limited third person POV.




In your writing, have you ever used different points of view? If so, please explain what worked and what didn’t.


1 thought on “Mixing first person and third person limited points of view in your writing”

  1. I’ve just been wrestling with this very issue.

    Traditionally, I write in 1st person, past tense.

    I’ve written a rough draft in 3rd person close, past tense, but I’m unsure if I hate it because it’s a rough draft, because I’m inexperienced with writing in 3rd person, or if the story would just plain be better in 1st person.

    Now, I’m starting a new story and trying that 3rd person close POV again and it’s a bit of a struggle.


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