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Writers who have Influenced Me, and why

As per the topic for this year’s Middle Georgia Indie Book festival, I would like to share with you the writers who have influenced my writing career thus far. However, I couldn’t pick just one author or writer in particular; … Continue reading

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It’s Not Your Publishing Credits or Your Follower Count That Makes You a Writer — It’s This.

Originally posted on Novelty Revisions:
We’ve all had those days — the ones where we clock out of our day jobs, greet our fur babies, sit down on the couch for five minutes … and then it’s 9 PM and…

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Mixing first person and third person limited points of view in your writing

When I was in my writing zone on Sunday afternoon, I had an idea to mix first person POV with limited third person Point of view (POV). I posed the question on the camp NaNoWriMo message board for the cabin … Continue reading

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Four simple marketing strategies for Promoting your book

Here’s an excellent article if you’re looking to get your books in the hands of readers. I am already implementing some of these strategies myself, but I will have to learn exactly how to start a book club. What … Continue reading

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Publishing News and General Updates

Hey there everyone, I know it’s been a while since I have actually posted an update, that is except for blog posts that I’ve shared, but today I have a bit of exciting publishing news for you.   First of … Continue reading

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When I am not writing…

via When I am not writing… My answer to this question is simple, yet complex. I love to read, listen to podcasts about writing, listen to music, crochet and do other things in my spare time. The first and most … Continue reading

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12 Things Wrong With Your Writing Routine

Originally posted on Novelty Revisions:
1. You don’t have one — but you could really use one. 2. You think writing every day is essential — it isn’t! 3. You keep trying to get up early (or stay up late)…

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