12 Small Writing Victories Still Worth Celebrating

I may not celebrate all of these, but many of them I do, and a few more to boot! Happy writing

Meg Dowell Writes

1. You wrote today even though you didn’t feel like it!

2. You sent a big scary email to a stranger about writing!

3. You set a goal to finish something by a certain date!

4. You joined a writing group (virtual or in-person)!

5. You revised a whole chapter!

6. You reread something you wrote and didn’t totally hate the whole thing!

7. You wrote down an idea for a thing before you forgot it!

8. You told someone else about your idea and they at least pretended to be supportive!

9. A person read a thing you wrote and said a nice thing about it!

10. You have a few projects you’re looking forward to working on tomorrow!

11. You didn’t make very much progress today but at least you started the thing you said you would!

12. You didn’t slam your laptop shut crying and threatening to…

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