Writing children’s stories isn’t as hard as you might think

Good Friday afternoon everyone, I have a special post for you today. I have embarked on writing a children’s chapter book.

The first time I wrote this story, it was just a little cute story that I thought about publishing anywhere, but when I posted it to the Electric Eclectic books program, the story was too short. I would like to take this time to thank Paul White, for not only editing it to make more readable, but for giving me the inspiration to write more and turn Maggie’s gravy train into a chapter book. Although I have more to write, I am loving the direction this book is taking.

When writing children’s stories, my first suggestion is to read children’s books, and hang out with kids in your family or in your neighborhood. Sometimes you can be at your most creative when writing a children’s book. You can create a story with characters that are out of the ordinary, but make the story for kids of all ages. Add a little magic, adventure, and. Mystery to your story, and you’ve got the perfect adventure for children and adults alike.

Have you ever heard of a gravy train with biscuits for wheels? Train staff made up of ferries, elves, a gingerbread conductor, and a chocolate chip cookie clad waiter? What about a gingerbread track? this is what childrens books are made of, and a whole lot more. As long as you make your story believeable, a children’s book is loads of fun to write!

Until next time, happy writing, and have fun with your creative storytelling.

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