Christmas wishes and Christmas dishes

Hello everyone, I’d like to wish you all a very merry Christmas. This is just a quick note to ask one question. What is your favorite Christmas dish to have with your family at your Christmas dinner. Hannah is one of my favorite dishes, along with macaroni and cheese mashed potatoes and other sides and desserts to go along with that. So please answer the question in the comments below. Merry Christmas and happy reading writing and blessings to you all.

Personal reflections

Inspired by a melody in the sea of dreams

In the sea of dreams, a distant memory fades like a melody floats away on the wings of the wind. A song in your heart is a song that gets stuck in your head, and fills your heart with love, joy, longing, sadness, and a whirlwind of emotion, which can swirl around you like a title wave when you least expect it. When the melody fades, the memory lasts for a lifetime, even though you feel an emptiness inside as the music drifts away.

There are times when the music that has faded away, comes back to us and makes itself known either in a dream, or as a familiar melody from another source. We never truly forget the melody that plays inside our hearts. The melody that seems to float away from us in our sea of dreams and memories, appears to drown out the cluster of memories that are continuously vying for our attention. Let the music in your heart speak to you. Float away on the wings of this melody, and let the music take you where it will.

This unforgettable melody can come to me, when I least expect it. The music is simple, yet deep, and filled with beauty, longing, love, and it ignites my fire of creativity in a very special way. It often speaks to my soul of its own accord, or it opens the door for my characters to make themselves heard as they tell me their stories.

This music of which I speak, doesn’t always come from a song or classical work, it sometimes comes from a TV show, movie, the ringing of church bells on a warm day, our neighbor’s wind chime or a simple conversation with a neighbor. Yet there are times when inspiration comes as I sit in silent thought.

How do you become inspired by the melody that floats to you on the wings of the cold winter wind? Where does your internal melody take you, as you glide with it across your sea of memories? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. May you have a joyous Christmas with your family, and I wish you all the best in the New Year.


Bloggers: Interested in Writing Guest Posts? Joining a Group Blog?

Hey authors, here is a golden opportunity to market your previously published work, your upcoming work, and your web sites. You can reply to me, but if you want to participate in this blogging group, please leave a comment on the original post, found at
https://kathywaller1.com/2017/12/19/want-write-group-blog/ . Thanks for being a wonderful reader and sharing this opportunity with your fellow authors.

Kathy Waller

Used with permission. © David Davis


A group blog I write for is seeking bloggers to write one or two guest posts next month.

We’re also looking for bloggers interested in posting once or twice a month on a regular basis.

If you’ve published books or stories, or if you aspire to publish, blogging with us is a good way to publicize your work and to show readers what you do.  Other members of the group will share your posts on their social media, so there’s the potential for hundreds, maybe thousands, of readers to see your work.

We’re family friendly, but aside from that, topics are up to you.

If you’re interested, leave a comment and I’ll get in touch.

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Book Review: Shadow In the Mirror

I will have to find and read this book. This may be just the thing to get my creative juices flowing. Thanks for sharing a review of this awesome sounding book.

Piyusha Vir

A pregnant woman falls off her balcony and leaves behind many unanswered questions and broken hearts. Vinny, an inquisitive journalist sets out to find what’s behind the death of a seemingly happy woman.

The narrative is interesting, as are the various twists and turns that you will encounter, as you unravel the mystery with Vinny. The various characters, their motivations, past choices and events, and the consequences of their actions on their lives are very well brought out. The unique story-telling and the surprises in the story make it an engaging read.

The many characters and the non-linear format of writing may cause confusion but only if you lose track of the plot while reading.

Some of the portions were surprising and yet others heart-breaking.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Cover Image


It all begins with a death. Nita, a pregnant woman falling from her balcony becomes the string that unravels the plot…

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It Broadens the (Writer’s) Mind

I really appreciate this post, It makes me understand how traveling can be benefitial to my own writing. Thanks for sharing your . I hope other readers will come to appreciate this post as much as I did.

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

Let me tell you about my book, Señor…

The sticky joys of packing the kids into car seats. The triumph of cramming your daily life into a carry-on, victory dance cut short by a full bottle of contact lens solution. The stoicism of sleeping on the lumpy foldout sofa.

There’s nothing so delightful as travel at the holidays.

Fortunately for writers, it turns out travel broadens the mind regardless of destination. It’s not where you go, or even for how long–the process of moving to and within a new location is stimulating, even if it’s Aunt Hildy’s instead of Buenos Aires. As Jonah Lehrer writes in the Guardian,

…problems that feel “close” – and the closeness can be physical, temporal or even emotional – get contemplated in a more concrete manner. As a result, when we think about things that are nearby, our thoughts are constricted, bound by a…

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