Myths of Freelancing

Thanks for these valuable tips on freelance work, I had to find that out the hard way as well. And be sure that when you were with a freelance client that they’re charging you what your worth is worse. A lot of people like high-quality work at the lowest prices.

Melanie B Writing


When I first started Freelancing, I couldn’t tell truth from myth if my salary depended on it (which oftentimes, it did). I believed that my clients came before my own personal sanity (myth), and worried about the taxes someone said I needed to report quarterly (truth).

While it can seem like an easy way to make a little extra cash, Freelancing is a complex and intricate lifestyle that is home to a number of myths and misconceptions. Some of those myths that I wish I had known the truth about before starting my Freelance career include:

You Are Your Own Boss
While true that you get to choose the type of work you do, when you do it, and where you get it done, you are far from being your own boss. In fact, it can be argued that you have a number of different bosses, depending on how many…

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