News,and updates on my writing projects

Hello everyone,,

I am writing to update you on my writing projects. First of all, I do have a bit of news for you. Next week, I am planning to publish A Journey of Faith through Revival Waves Glory Publishing, so the anticipation is growing! I can hardly wait to see this book in print and hold the book in my hands for the first time. However, for those of you who love to read on your phones, tablets, or Kindle readers, I ain’t leaving you out, the book will also be published in ebook format as well.

Now on the subject of actual writing projects, I have done a couple of things. First of all, I have submitted an essay called The Driving Force Behind my Passion for Writing, to Skirt Magazine. From the information I received from the Freedom with writing newsletter I get every Tuesday with paid publishing opportunities, Skirt is a women’s magazine, with a theme for each month. According to their website, they also have a blog if anyone is interested in writing guest blog posts. I also have a couple of stories I want to submit to other publications in the next couple of weeks.

As far as book projects go, I have a confession to make. I have been writing blog posts about gardening for the Word Matters blog, and every time I write one, the idea to write a book about gardening starts to tickle my inspirational fancy, as it were. However, after I finish the post, I decide to drop the idea. When I write another gardening article, the inspiration to write a gardening book speaks a little louder. The cycle has continued, until I wrote the most recent post, which you can read at http://www.ernestdempsey.com/five-ways-to-turn-gardening-into-an-exciting-adventure-for-your-kids/. Now, I have taken all five posts, put them in a folder I call Gardening Adventures on my external hard drive, and I have the beginning of an introduction and an outline for this project. The outline is as follows:

Introduction: Your own little Corner of God’s Big Back Yard

  1. Fun facts about gardening

    1. Deadly plants to avoid

2. Animals and insects that protect your garden from Pests

3. Garden pesticides that are safe for the environment and your family

II. tips for sproosing up your Little Piece of Heaven on Earth

1. Caring for your garden

2. creative ways to plant fruits and vegetables in your garden

3. Lawn care and maintenance

III. Exciting ways to teach your kids about the great outdoors

1. Leaf art

2. A fun way to learn what particles make up gardening soil


Conclusion: Gardening is a fun learning experience for the hole family.

If anyone has any suggestions for fun kid friendly gardening activities, or any particular tips or facts they’d like to see included in this book, please let me know in the comments below, or connect with me on twitter @annwrites75 and share your ideas using the hashtag #GardeningTips. Until next time, happy writing, reading, and catch y’all on the flip side.


Blast from the past! The CB radio lives on

While growing up during the Smoky and the Bandit culture, do you ever remember hearing phrases like “What’s your 20”, “10-4”, or “breaker breaker 1-9”? If you or any members of your family were part of the CB radio craze, these phrases may be all to familiar to you. Although the CB radio has lost its popularity, there’s hope for truckers and a few CB enthusiasts out there, because the CB is still being manufactured and it is still alive today, though ill forgotten. Let me tell you how it all got started.
In 1973, the federal government imposed a speed limit of 55 miles per hour, across the nation. Truck drivers used their Citizens Band radios to share information about cheap gas and speed traps. After the FCC relinquished the special license required to own a CB radio, they became an inexpensive means for truckers to communicate with their loved ones, and while away the long hours in conversation with other drivers, while driving down the highway. When truckers purchased their new CB radios, they installed them in their vehicles, installed an antenna on either the roof or the hood, and instead of giving out the call number required by the FCC, they created nicknames for themselves, which were dubbed Handles. These “handles” were used primarily to keep the cops from identifying them, incase they were wanted for speeding or some other criminal charges.
At the time the Smoky and the Bandit movies popularized the CB radio, truckers became increasingly frustrated to find the airwaves overcrowded with people using their CB’s to chat, tell dirty jokes, and waste endless hours. In hindsight, CB radios were the social network of the 1970s and 80s. For instance, you could turn your CB radio to channel 19, and hear people gossiping about what went down at the local pool hall.
Although as with every new gadget, the CB craze eventually died out, but it hasn’t died as have the old bag cell phones of the 1980s, VCRs, and other gadgets of yesteryear.
As a matter of fact, CB radios are still being manufactured and used today. Although truckers can use their smart phones to keep in touch with their family members, track their locations and get turn by turn directions to their destinations, when not using the built-in GPS systems in their vehicles, There are times when a CB radio is needed. For example, if a trucker is driving through rural areas where cell service is very limited, if nonexistent altogether, they can call for help should trouble arise. Truckers can also use their CB’s to alert others about bad weather, road hazards, traffic conditions, vehicle trouble they’ve witnessed on the highway, andCertain trucking companies prefer that their drivers communicate with the terminal via Cb radio. CB handles are also still in use today by some, while trucking companies use the call numbers on their radios instead. Here is a demonstration of a CB radio in use, with today’s technological enhancements.



a cherished piece of history has died

Hello everyone,
Remember the days when you could record your favorite TV shows and movies on a VHS cassette, or go to the nearest Block Buster and rent your favorite movies and kids cartoons? Well, I have some sad news. Our cherished VCR of the 80s and 90s has finally died. Read my original article on the subject at http://www.ernestdempsey.com/outliving-the-legend-the-demise-of-the-video-cassette-recorder/, then share your thoughts in the comments below.
Happy Saturday to you all, and I hope many of you are enjoying the Cherished Blogfest.