Finding your true happiness

Hello everyone,
Last night, I participated in the most fascinating and inspiring 60 minutes2impact conference call, presented by Project Starfish America. During this call, Anuradha Kamath spoke about her own journey to happiness, and how she got to where she is today. One vital take away for me from this presentation, is that true happiness stems from blindness. I don’t necessarily mean physiological blindness, this simply means that we become blind to our external world and focus on our internal reality.
Let me illustrate this concept a little further by using my own personal inner connection as an example. As you have read from several of my previous blog posts about wind chimes, rain, and music, you will know that I am strongly connected to what I once thought was merely the music of the world around me. However, this is only one aspect of my sixth sense. I am effected by the vibrations of sound, which includes the music, whether traditional or natural, the gentle click-clack of my keyboard as I type, and the sound of my own voice, whether I am talking to myself or another person, or singing songs that I make up while I am doing my daily tasks. These vibrations resonate through my body, thus filling me with the energy created by the frequencies in which I am naturally tuned. These sound vibrations speak me to me in a very special way. Sometimes the message that my sixth sense receive can be either negative or positive, depending on the frequency of the particular vibrations. Anuradha Kamath told us that we are not the creators of instruments, although people built the instruments with which we have become so familiar over the years. However, the materials to make these instruments are made from natural elements, created by God. These natural vibrations are often times the inspiration for my writing. When I connect with these vibrations, I shut off the outside world, and allow the vibrations of my environment to speak their message to my inner ear, my inner eye sees what these vibrations communicate to me, and from there, the thoughts that stem from these vibrations, flow from my soul, through my body, from my fingers to the keyboard, to the computer screen, which reaches the eyes, ears or fingers of my readers. If my written or spoken words, or even the songs I make up, no matter how silly or nonsensical can effect those around me in a positive way, then I am richly blessed.
If you find that you’re not connected to sound as I am, then use the talents you have and feed off the positive energy you create for others. For example, if you love to cook, and your food has made someone feel better about themselves or their particular situations, then your culinary talents are a source of healing for yourself and those around you.

How do you know what comes easiest to you?
If someone compliments you for any reason, don’t wave it off or push it aside. Take every compliment at face value, because when you pay close attention to the positive things people say about you, then you will discover what comes easy for you. I recommend that you do what comes natural to you, and listen to what people say about the way your talent effects them. If you continue to do things that you don’t like, or continue to judge yourself based on your past, you are causing yourself mental harm. This is also true if you try to focus on the future. Anuradha Kamath suggests that we live in the moment instead of dwelling on our past mistakes , or trying to plan for a future that may never come. If we take time to become blind to our five senses, so that we may tune into our sixth sense, , then we will fine our inner happiness.

final thoughts
Here is one more point Anuradha Kamath made, that I found to be the most inspiring of the entire presentation. When a thought comes to you, don’t take it in, or react it to it right away. Take a mental step back and ask yourself “Is this my thought, or did this thought come from someone else?” If you feel uncomfortable after asking yourself this question, then the thought came from some other source. If you’re out and about, and you witness something that makes you angry or upsets you, don’t react based on these emotions alone. For example, let’s hypothetically suppose that you’re in a grocery store, and you overhear someone mistreating an elderly person, or a child. Don’t simply march over to the abuser and rail at him or her. This will only make the situation worse. However, we are unable to walk away from these types of situations. God has put us here on this earth to help others. It was suggested to me by someone earlier today that we mustn’t pray fro patience, we must pray for wisdom. The wise thing to do in such a situation Is to show compassion to the abuser first. Yes, I’ve been abused before, and I know this one sounds hard, but it really worse. Tell him or her that you understand that he/she may be angry at the helpless victim, but then end by saying, “Please stop,mistreating this person,.” This may seem easier said than done, but you’ll see a much different outcome than the original interaction. I know I need to put that into practice a lot more, because when I hear someone mistreating another person, I rail at the abuser in my head, and sometimes I get very emotionally distraught. This presentation has taught me some valuable lessons, not only for my own life, but also how to positively use my God given talents and my sixth sense to impact my friends and family, as well as those I come in contact with on a daily basis, whether virtually, or face to face. Take control of your life, don’t let it take control of you!

Call to action
I pray dear reader, that this blog post blesses your heart as much as listening to last night night’s 60 minutes2impact call has blessed mine. If you have any thoughts on my post you’d like to share with everyone in the blogosphere, please leave them in the comments below. I also encourage you to like, follow, and share the link to my post with your friends and family, so they can be blessed as well.
Love and prayers to all of you, and have a blessed rest of your night and may God richly bless you in the day ahead. Remember that God has a purpose for you, and your calling is the one thing that comes easiest to you.


Pleas help a blind entrepreneur expand her Braille jewelry business

I’m working on behalf of Laura Legendary, a small business owner who has launched a crowd funding campaign. She has designed a line of jewelry and accessories embossed in Braille, and I thought you might like to check it out. Her campaign page link is:
https://igg.me/at/ElegantInsights. As a personal note, I have contributed to this campaign, and I would like to encourage you to
support an entrepreneur who is blind, as I have done.. If making a direct contribution is not an option, then please like and share this message with your friends and colleagues. To read her personal testimony, please visit http://wp.me/p6U5Ac-bR . Your help is most appreciated. Let’s make it happen before the campaign closes on April 10th.
The Perks

Here is a list of thank-you gifts that Laura has so graciously offered to her contributors. There is something at every level, or donation tier.

Brass level,$10: A hearty handshake and my undying gratitude. Check the sofa cushions for me, would you?
Steel level, $20: Acknowledgement of your contribution on the Elegant Insights web site. It’s just a few bucks more than a Star bucks latte, right?
Copper level, $40: Previous level, along with a special promotional issue of the Elegant Insights Braille Creations newsletter, featuring all contributors, as well as a 20% discount on your next purchase from the Elegant Insights web site.
Silver level, $50: Choose a custom embossed military-style dog tag necklace or key tag, available in brass, copper, or stainless steel. We can fit up to two lines of up to 7 cells per line, or if you need more space for a business name or tag line, you can choose our jumbo size military-style dog tag, which can accommodate up to four lines of up to nine Braille cells per line. the jumbo tag is available in steel only. BTW, these tags are a great giveaway or fundraiser at conferences or company events. Have a blindness-related business or non-profit? We can brand you in Braille!
10KT gold level, $60: Connect with the community. I have over 10,000 Twitter followers distributed across several accounts, as well as two Facebook pages, a blog, and a Linked In profile. For your $60 contribution, I will craft five social media mentions tailored specifically for your product or service, along with a promotional mention in my podcast or newsletter.
14KT gold level, $75: Elegant Insights offers a custom design service that transforms a pretty piece of jewelry into a personalized, one-of-a-kind work of art that is yours and yours alone. Choose from a heart pendant necklace in brass with purple jade gemstones and crystal embellishments, or a copper heart pendant necklace with rose quartz gemstones and rose pearl beads and embellishments. We’ll emboss a special name or sweet affirmation on the heart, such as “I love you,” or a special date in Grade 2 Braille. Want something more gender-neutral? You can choose our super cool Techlace. It’s a necklace, it’s a bit of tech, it’s the Techlace. All stainless steel, a heavy chain connected with a toggle clasp, featuring a removable flash drive and attached mini tag. We will customize the tag with a four cell word or initials in Braille, or we can stamp print letters onto the tag for a personalized way to identify the contents of the flash drive.
18KT gold level A, $100: Custom Braille embossed dog tag key tag, and a featured mention or advertisement on my podcasts, either on Fashionability or my radio show, Legendary Insights.
18KT gold level B, $100: A suite of our barware items, including a set of six wine glass charms as offered on our web site, as well as a set of three of our bottle/decanter identifiers, for either spirits, white wine, or red wine varietals..all embossed in Grade 2 Braille. Our Sublime Vine stemware charms are a great way to help your party guests know which glass is theirs. Braille embossed wine glass charms? Really? Yes, really. They’re fantastic.
Platinum level A, $250: At this level, you’ll get a full audio interview on one of my podcasts, radio show, or a promotional blog post featuring you, your product or service. One good turn deserves another, right?
Platinum level B, $250: One-hour virtual training/consultation on any of the following that suits your needs: Accessibility – best practices and resources for making your product or service accessible for people with disabilities, a preliminary evaluation of the accessibility of your web site or app, or a consultation on marketing, promotion, crowd funding, branding, and social media tips for your business. Also, you can choose one jewelry or accessory item custom-crafted to your specifications, using any of the standard materials we use. Optionally, you may choose to design a product that we offer in our inventory. Clearly, you have such excellent taste that you should be given the opportunity to share your genius.
Platinum level C, $250: A full jewelry suite, consisting of a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and matching purse charm, customized to your specifications. Choose from our Falling in Leaf Collection, or our Touch of Nature collection themes, and we will customize the fit, the Braille embossing, and the color scheme to suit your preferences.
Diamond level, $500: Any combination of jewelry or promotional services described in the $250 level, A,B, C, or all three. You are so my new BFF.
Mother’s day is just around the corner, so don’t forget to check out Laura’s product line on her web site at:
http://www.elegantinsightsjewelry.com/ for personalized gift ideas!
Laura is also the cofounder of the Fashionability Channel, your guide to accessible style. Finally, style within reach… Of everyone. To listen to her podcasts, or to subscribe to them on iTunes, please visit http://fashionabilitychannel.com.
Be sure to like Laura’s Facebook page at facebook.com/Elegant.Insights and follower her on twitter http://www.twitter.com/ElegantInsights .
Thanks for your support.