Results of my research query on mystery, suspense, thriller fiction.

Hello my dear readers,
Remember the question I asked about the difference between mysteries, suspense and thrillers? Well, I made a fascinating discovery. Although these three genres are very similar, here are the differences I found. Mistry stories are more of an investigation, asking what, when, where, how, and why a crime took place, and finding clues to solve the mystery. Suspense novels are similar, but they have more of an element of danger with in the pages of the novel. Thrillers, have an element of danger at every turn. They’re like riding a roller coaster throughout the pages of the novel. What do you think about these three genres? Do you find them similar, or do you see the differences? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. To read my article on the subject, please visit the word matters blog at http://www.ernestdempsey.com

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