NaNoWrimo is almost here!

NaNo prep is almost over, and it’s time to start punding the keys, or for some of you, keeping the pen/pencil and paper hot while you bang out your NaNoWriMo novels throughout the month of November. For this year’s novel, I’m doing something a bit different. Instead of numbering each chapter as I have done in novels I’ve worked on before, NaNoWriMo notwithstanding, I am going to write my novel in 1st person, with a chapter for each of the primary characters. I just made this decision as I am lying in bed, and as I was doing a little audio reading before I fall asleep. I think when I revise my novel, I’ll keep it like this, because that way I can tell the story from different point of views, through the eyes of the characters,as I write their individual chapters. Do you have a different approach to writing your NaNo novels this year? Do you often take different approach in your reular writing if you don’t participate in NaNoWriM?
BTW, I’ll let you know how my NaNo journey is going on a daily basis. For those of you who will be participating this year, let’s get ready to get some serious writing done, starting on Sunday! Happy writing, and Happy NaNoWriMo 2015!

7 thoughts on “NaNoWrimo is almost here!”

  1. Interesting writing I can’t to see how you excite it, reading your story sounds like fun because I like getting into the heads of characters. Good luck with nano- Happy Writing!


    1. Elaine, I love how you say you need to just cut to the chase. And the bottom line is Christ and we are His. I needed to hear this, because I grow weary of the ups and downs, back and forths too, especially in my own heart. I also come here with anttpicaiion and you don’t let me down.

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