NaNoWrimo is almost here!

NaNo prep is almost over, and it’s time to start punding the keys, or for some of you, keeping the pen/pencil and paper hot while you bang out your NaNoWriMo novels throughout the month of November. For this year’s novel, I’m doing something a bit different. Instead of numbering each chapter as I have done in novels I’ve worked on before, NaNoWriMo notwithstanding, I am going to write my novel in 1st person, with a chapter for each of the primary characters. I just made this decision as I am lying in bed, and as I was doing a little audio reading before I fall asleep. I think when I revise my novel, I’ll keep it like this, because that way I can tell the story from different point of views, through the eyes of the characters,as I write their individual chapters. Do you have a different approach to writing your NaNo novels this year? Do you often take different approach in your reular writing if you don’t participate in NaNoWriM?
BTW, I’ll let you know how my NaNo journey is going on a daily basis. For those of you who will be participating this year, let’s get ready to get some serious writing done, starting on Sunday! Happy writing, and Happy NaNoWriMo 2015!


Rocking my way to New Ideas

As I sit in solitude on the front porch, the rocking chair begins to sway back and forth, back and forth. With book in hand, I begin to read. Instead of seeing what is written on the page, a scene unfolds before my very eyes.

What is this scene? Is it just a memory from my past, or a new idea for writing? I sit very still as the sound of the wind chimes, the birds singing, and even the sprinkle of raindrops sing out a message of inspiration. All at once, I hear a voice in the back of my mind call out to me. “Come, I have a story to tell, and you are the only person who can share my message with the world.

I put away my book, take out my phone and my bluetooth keyboard, and begin to write like the wind in my notes. What story does my character have to tell? What message does he or she convey that must be shared with the rest of the world?

When this form of inspiration comes upon me as a writer, it’s up to me to discover the hidden message within the story that unfolds in my mind and heart, to find the story’s true meaning. At this point, I mentally take my character’s hand and follow wherever he or she leads me, or I write the scene of my story that plays out like a movie in my head.

As a matter of fact, the voice that I have described from my wool gathering on the front porch has brought to me a story about overcoming your fears, and facing life’s challenges. This story is entitled The Big Climb. Now that the story is written, I have some exciting news! My story has recently been published in a #awethors anthology entitled Awethology Light.

For those of you who love to read books on your smart phones, Kindle readers, and other mobile devices, Awethology is free on amazon, iBooks, Barns and Noble, and you can download it as a PDF on Smashwords. However, if you are die hard fans of holding a physical book in your hands and reading by the fire, you can purchase the paperback version from the create space online store at https://www.createspace.com/5816509 .

When you get the book, do me a favor dear readers. Please post a review for the entire anthology on amazon, goodreads if possible, and on your blog. We #awethors would greatly appreciate it very much.


NaNo Prep

Hey Y’all, It’s about time to hit the keys and write like ninjas for NaNoWriMo, if you’re like me and want to take on the challenge of writing 50k words in 30 days.
Well, I’m here to tell ya that I already have an idea for my NaNo novel this year. I call it Epiphany High. It’s about a lady in her mid 30’s named Jennifer, who is called by her friend and former classmate Leah to herp her and her daughter Gracie solve a strange mystery at her old high schoo. Before she can solve the mystery, she must make the journey from Macon Georgia to the fictional town of Springville TN.
Jennifer starts her journey just fine, driving up I-75, but her car breaks down just as she drives into Atlanta. She must take a buss to Nashville, then rent a car and take the last leg of the trip to Leah’s house. However, In Chatenuga, the bus breaks down, and she has to find another way to ge to her destination. A lady dressed in a plain green dress and an amish style apron, offers to drive her to Nashville in her horse and buggy.
Here’s where I need your help. I want to give Jennifer, Leah, and Gracie unique last names. Do you have any ideas? What would be a good name for the amish lady driving the horse and buggy? If you have any other ideas that might inspire me, or any pointers or mind jogging questions please let me know.
I will keep you updated on my progress as I did last year. I hope to see some of you in the NaNoWriMo forums, and my username is annHd if you want to be my NaNo buddy.
Happy writing and let’s NaNo together!