The lack of accessibility for the blind where freelance writing sites are concerned

Have you ever seen these freelance writing sites that pay people to write web content, articles and blogs? Well, I have discovered one site in particular that pays writers to write blogposts, ebooks, and articles, including rewriting, articles. However, when I try to submit an article to be approved by the requester, there is no place to submit the article, or paste the text into. Oh the registration process is accessible enough, but you can’t submit your work for payment.
It totally infuriates me when supposedly topnotch sites like oDesk, eLance, and iwriter and writer friendly sites like watpad make trying to be a part of the community or work in their site practically impossible for blind people. Not only that, but when you try to tell them that their site is not screenreader friendly for blind members, and suggest how they can make the site more accessible, they either totally ignore you, or they think that since other people can use the site, they are not required to make it accessible for the blind.
Don’t get me wrong, today’s technology enhancements are very helpful in some ways, but in others, they can be a headache. Please bear with me today, but I am frustrated beyond belief at those who only think of the ease of clicking a mouse rather than making the site easy for all visitors to access.
Please excuse me for venting, but I had to get that frustration off my chest, though maybe I should have saved this for my journal. What do you think? Does anyone know whether there are any accessible writing platforms paid or not for the blind?
On a more positive note, I will have a story published in one of two anthologies that are being put together by the facebook group called get down with the authors. I’ll let you know when the book will be published, and where you can download it for free. We all love a freeby, right? Well, keep your eyes and ears opened for this one!

8 thoughts on “The lack of accessibility for the blind where freelance writing sites are concerned”

  1. First, I feel bad for your frustration. I don’t like it when people or companies dismiss groups of people simply because they can. Second, is there a way to know if my blog or my company’s website is accessible? I’m not sure if you’ve written about this before, if you have I’d appreciate it if you can point me in the right direction. I have had “reviews” by services, but none have addressed accessibility.


    1. Your blog is fine, I get new posts by email every day. I don’t have as much of a problem with that. I won’t give up on the site just yet, maybe I was looking at something that was above my writer status, and could view the original article, but not write it. I’ll have to play around with it more. Send me the link to your site, and I’ll check it out tomorrow and let you know what I think as far as accessibility goes. Thanks for understanding.

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      1. I appreciate the information about my blog. I would appreciate the review of our site, but I’m uncomfortable asking you to do that (or taking advantage of that service) for free.


      2. The link at the end is to a form on our website. Hopefully it is accessible. I receive the submissions from these but nothing is public. Let’s move the discussion into an official channel.


  2. OK, I get the record for most comments on a single topic. I just realized that I made this way too complicated. If you would be interested in reviewing our site for a fee, send me an email at nofacilities@gmail,com – then we can discuss an appropriate fee.


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