Happy Clown

That was too cute not to share.


There once lived a happy clown
Born and raised in a small town
No one ever saw him frown
His face was jolly and round
He lived near the playground
A child’s laugh was his favorite sound

Happy Clown lured children like the Pied Piper
All children, even those in diapers
His magic pipe could play a child’s favorite jingle
He was more addicted to kids than he was to Pringels

Kid are easy to influence and mold
Happy Clown wanted minions that did as they were told
These little munchkins were more valuable than gold
And they were his to control

Soon the townspeople knew where their children went
The kids were enslaved in Happy Clown’s Tent

But one day a hero was sent to turn Happy Clown’s smile upside down
The hero’s intent was to make Happy Clown frown

And so the battle between Hero and Clown took…

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