What inspired me to write A Journey of Faith

Inspired by dreams

Have you ever been inspired to write a story based on a recurring dream you’ve had over the past few years? To be honest with you, I have had a recurring dream of climbing, which can take on many different forms, from stairs, to ladders of all kinds, to climbing into a building, to climbing up a strange ramp that gets steeper and steeper. Although I always don’t understand what these dreams mean, or I don’t make it to top of the mountain/ladder/ramp etc., the unforgettable factor of these dreams is that I can never climb back down the same way I climbed up. I always have to keep climbing up from where I started, and find my way down another path, or reach my destination in another way.
Dreams inspired my story

After having many such dreams at odd intervals, I sat reading and chatting with someone on skype, when all of a sudden, this story idea began forming in my mind. I opened a word document and began writing. The first title I gave my book was A Mysterious Journey, then I prayed for God to lead me in the direction my story should take, and that’s how I came up with the title A Journey of Faith.
There have been times when I felt as if I were following Becca Martin as she told me her story. She always looked over my shoulder to see if I was following her. Although I made the mental climb, in my waking life, there have been times when I climb in my dreams with her, or with my family and friends.

Questions for discussion/call to action

Have you ever had a recurring dream, or a dream that was so unforgettable that you were inspired or influenced by it? What was the dream, and how did it inspire you. Please help me climb up the latter of book publication, by voting for A Journey of faith at http://tinyurl.com/qe2wwtf. If the short link doesn’t work for you, please vote at http://soopllc.com/blog/book-ideas/journey-faith-ann-harrison.
Thank you for reading, and Have a blessed day. Remember, If God uses dreams to inspire you, don’t take them for granted.
Love and Prayers,


Danger in the Shadows: Prequel to the O’Malley Series, a book review

If you like suspense novels, but don’t like the blood and guts of hard core thrillers, I have the perfect Christian suspense novel for you. I just finished a compilation by Dee Henderson called Jennifer: An O’Malley Love Story and Danger in the Shadows” Prequel to the O’Malley series. Although Jennifer touched my heart in a special way, it left me wanting more. However, When I read Danger in the shadows, I could feel the tension, and I had a hard time putting it down.
When She was six years old, Sarah Walsh and her twin sister were kidnapped by two madmen and tied up in a cellar for nine days with nothing but a small bottle of water between them.Since Sarah’s rescue, she has been threatened by one of her kidnappers, while the other is behind bars. Security is tight around Sarah, and if the kidnapper sends her and her brother’s father a package containing one of her favorite mementos, she has to disappear. However, she meets Adam while being stuck in a dark elevator. Is she able to get past her fear of the dark, and her fear of being found again? Will she allow herself to fall in love and be happy?
I not only find this book a good read, because it is somewhat similar to A Journey of Faith, but Dee Henderson is a great writer, who captivates her readers, and keeps you inthralled in her story until the very end. I give both Jennifer and Danger in the Shadows books a 5* rating.


The sounds of our Environment

The definition of Sound

What is sound? Sound isn’t just something we hear with our ears, sound is a relm of wayveforms that contain a set of particular frequencies amplitudes, that continuously swirl with harmonic resonance, (Adams, C., M.D., Healing with Sound, 2012) These waveforms are important to all living creatures. In order for us to communicate with each other, and receive information about our environment, we must truly listen to the sounds that fill our daily lives.

Listening to the world around us

What sounds do you hear either at work in your office, or at home on the couch. Personally, while sitting at my desk in my bedroom, I hear the sound of the air conditioner humming in the window to my left, I hear the fan at my door cooling the other bedrooms and the hallway, my fingers typing on my bluetooth keyboard, and the builtin screenreader on my iPhone and my computer as they read text I have written for a book I am working on entitled Embracing the Healing Power of Music, and while I am writing this post.
As a blind person, it is important for me to pay special attention to these details, in order for me to become oriented to my surroundings. But I have a question for those of you who are sighted. Can you identify the everyday sounds of your environment? Can you truly filter out the sounds that are pleasant to your ear, or do you simply go about your daily life, letting the sounds wash over you without paying any special attention to them? According to Don Campbell, in his book called Healing at the Speed of Sound with Alex Doman, “Sound is everywhere–it is as much a part of our lives as the air we breathe and the food we eat.” Did you know that sound can be just as beneficial to our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being as the food we eat, and the preventative measures we take, such as deciding not to smoke, getting plenty of sleep, and exercise? The health benefits of sound hadn’t been seriously considered until recently, Campbell explains in the introduction to Healing at the Speed of sound 2011.
On a personal note, I have relied on other senses, (especially my hearing) to compensate for my lack of sight, but I didn’t know about the healing venefits of music or sound in general, until I discovered the healing power of music after being emotionally abused. It is important for us to stop what we’re doing for a moment, close our eyes, and let the sounds of nature, and the music we love to hear resonate through our bodies, so that we may receive the health benefits of something as simple as the sound of a bird singing in the trees.
Wake up with pleasant sounds

The sounds you wake up to each morning, have a profound affect on your overall mood during the day. For example, if you wake up to the beep or buzz of an alarm clock, honking car horns, people shouting outside your open window or in another part of your home etc., these sounds can make you feel grumpy and irritable. However, if you wake up to the sounds of birds singing in a tree outside your window, wind chimes blowing in the breeze as I often do, or a song you have specially chosen to wake you up in the morning, these sounds will make you feel calm and bring a smile to your face.

Questions for Self-reflection or discussion
Here are a couple of questions for you to discuss with a friend. You can also write them in a reflection journey. If you wish, you can share your personal answers to these questions in the comments below. Do you wake up to these pleasant sounds, or the busy humdrum of the city? How do the sounds of your environment effect your daily life? When you take a brief moment to truly listen to the sounds that surround you, what have you discovered about your world?


Adams, Case, PH.D.
Healing With sound,
Campbell, Don/Doman, Alex
Healing at the Speed of Sound


My Camp NaNoWriMo experience

Hello everybody,
I kept you updated about my NaNoWriMo experience, and my WIP, but I did not tell you about my camp NaNoWriMo experience. Well, I do want to say that camp NaNoWriMo was a bit slower paced than the writing I Did for NaNoWriMo. I personally worked on two projects, even though you can only put in the WIP for one particular project.

My Main Project

The first project I worked on and updated my word count for was a novel called A Journey of Faith: The Chosen Path, Book 1. This is the first book of my Chosen path series that I started writing ideas for last year.
Let me tell you a little about the inspiration behind this novel. After my divorce, and even after I came back to live with my parents, I had dreams about climbing. I started reading books about mountain climbing, beginning with Savage Summit, a book about five women who climbed Mount K2, and either died while climbing this mountain, or died climbing other mountains such as Everest.
Late last year, I had an idea that was given to me by the Holy Spirit to write such a novel. Little did I know until I spoke to my brother’s friend about the book, that I didn’t have a real reason for Becca Martin’s journey. This is the reason I started rewriting this book, because as Jim and I talked, I discovered that there was something missing in my book and it was going in all different directions. The ideas came to me, and I was rewriting parts of my book well into the night. That’s why I can say on my twitter feed that my best writing happens after midnight.I’ll explain more about how I was inspired to create such characters, and you can also get some of this information from my recent character interviews I posted here. I will tell you though, that my novel was originally over 100k words, and now it’s down to 62k or so.

My Secondary Project

On the side, I started working on a book called Embracing the Healing Power of Music: Seven Steps for finding your way out of the Darkness and into the Light, with God’s Gift of Song. I started this project a couple of years ago, because I personally found Music to be a God Given source of healing after I was emotionally abused by my ex-husband and his family.
When I told a friend about this idea, she told me that it would take years for me to write this book because I would have to become a music therapist first. Little did I know, that I had the expertise through my own experience, and education from the school of life, and my extensive research, until I participated in a teleseminar hosted by global visibility expert Nikki Woods, called Write Your Way to Success. After the seminar, I woke up feeling overwhelmed and inspired to write this book.

Call to Action

Here’s what I need you all to do after reading about my experiences. If you have any experience with finding music as a source of healing, and you want to share your story, please leave a comment or email me at annwrites75@gmail.com.
I could also use your help to get these books published, all you have to do at the moment is vote for A Journey of Faith at tinyurl.com/qe2wwtf and Embracing the Healing Power of Music at tinyurl.of6popv.
Thanks for sticking with me throughout this long post, but I thought I’d share with you a little about the projects I’m working on and what inspired me to write them around camp NaNoWriMo.


Four Common Mistakes that will Drive your Editor or Reader Mad!

Thank you for this information, I will truly use these tips while editing my own manuscripts.

European Geeks Publishing

Whether I’m editing an unpublished manuscript or reading an already-on-the-market book, I find myself reaching for the red pen a bit too much these days.

Considering that most writers utilize some form of word processing program to write their novels (gone are the days of the hand-scribbled manuscripts), some of these mistakes are unacceptable. Of course, not even the spelling & grammar checker can catch all mistakes, which is why editors have not been pushed out of the market yet. Sometimes, you just need a good eye to locate the blatant mistakes that – although they have eluded the author – will leap off the page and smack your reader in the face.

Here is a quick run-down of the most annoying mistakes currently plaguing manuscripts across the world:


Nothing bothers me more than incorrect spelling. Some readers may not catch this, but if you have intelligent readers –…

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Flying Free

Here’s a small bit of less than perfect poetry that I wrote just a few moments ago. I was inspired by the beautiful sunshine, and picturing myself flying above the clouds with the love of my life. Please forgive the imperfect rhythm of the little poem, but this is a bit of writing from the heart.

Flying Free in Love

I want to fly away free with the love of my life
Sail away from pain and strife,
Let the wind blow through our hair,
and feel the cool spring air,
as we fly away to the heavens above,
Just me and my love.


What is it About Hiring a Publicist that Makes Authors Cringe?

microphones - publicistIt’s all about the numbers game. As an author we want to reach as wide a market as possible to sell more books to more people – those of us who’ve chosen to attempt to get paid for our writing that is.

So we scrimp and save to hire the right cover designer, the best editor (we can afford), buy a table-sized poster and a book trailer to help sell that hundred print copies we ordered of our book… and then the cash – our budget – runs out.

In a perfect world (or quasi-perfect for an Indie Author anyway) we’d still have a couple hundred left over for publicity – that might entail hiring a company to do a blog tour and enough money to allow us to mail out those giveaway copies of our books done via Goodreads and rafflecopter.

But when it comes to hiring a publicist…

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