sounds of my past

Good morning, although it won’t be long and it’ll be lunch time. Anyway, I went to let the dog out, and when I opened the door, the chimes called out to me yet again. I stood pretty near them, if not quite beneath them and truly listened to their beautiful melody. The little chime we have rememded me of the ching ching of finger symbols.
If you don’t know what Finger Symbols are,they’re thise little symbols, whith a loop that goes over your pointer finger and your thumb. To play them, you simply tap your fingers together so that the symbles strike each other to make a beautiful ching, ching sound.
To get back to what I was saying, our smallest wind chime was ringing out in such a way that it reminded me of playing the finger symbles in middle school music class. What sounds in your environment remind you of memories from the past?

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