Writers’ Gazebo: Assumptions & Directions

The Heart of Applebutter Hill

Good writers take great pains to make their work perfect. Whether it’s an article, story, novel or the text for a marketing campaign, they check and double-check to ensure that spelling and grammar conform to current standards. They labor over their opening sentences, using powerful images and language to grab the reader’s attention ASAP. Nonetheless, it’s not uncommon to overlook the obvious. The basic problem is something done by humans in general. We make assumptions.

Simply put, sometimes — quite often, in fact — we all need to get back to basics. And, there’s nothing more basic than being clear about what you want to say, understanding that what you know may differ from what someone else knows and remembering what impact you hope your piece — written or spoken — will have on others.

Location, Location, Location

After living in Northeastern Pennsylvania for almost eighteen years, I still marvel…

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