Wind chimes calling to me from a distant place

I sit at my computer with the windows. open, and I hear our chimes calling out to me in the gentle breeze blowing outside. Do I go outside and listen to their gentle melodies? No, I let them sing out to me as if from a distance. I want my heart to hear their melodies, not just my mind and body. I’m not sure what they are saying to me, but I know the message is beautiful, and I never take it for granted. God created these special environmental gifts for our enjoyment. If we don’t take the time to truly listen to what they have to tell us, then they are just singing out to the empty air. I pray that God will open your hearts so you can take in your envirement and let it resonate throughout your entire body, mind, heart and soul. God bless each and every one of my beautiful readers and followers. Have a blessed day in the Name of the Lord.

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