I have some great news about my book

Hello folks in blog land,
Remember how I encouraged everyone to vote for my book titled A Journey of Faith, Well, thanks to your votes, I have reached number 14 on the SOOP top twenty for Mid-december. If you want to see a list of the other books on the list visit http://soopllc.com/blog/2014/12/27/soop-on-saturday-top-20-most-popular-book-ideas-for-december-26-2014.
Now, I want to ask you to help me move up the list by casting your vote for A Journey of faith by visiting http://soopllc.com/blog/book-ideas/journey-faith-ann-harrison , and help me reach the third publishing milestone at 150 votes. Thanks for your support, and happy writing and reading.
God bless,

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