Draw closer to God

Hello everyone,

Have you had a day where you feel out of touch with the Lord? It’s a day where you aren’t feeling sick, but you’re feeling, well, to put it in terms that everyone can understand, Blah! Today was like that for me, and nothing I did or didn’t do seemed to make me feel better. So I went to www.odb.org, found today’s reading, pasted a note in my online journal, and read the suggested scripture in the Bible in a year section. Since I read that, and prayed and asked God to draw me closer to him, I feel much better. I suggest that you read a specific Bible verse, then Give your problems, no matter how big or small, to Jesus, and he will make you free. Let the Holy Spirit guide you in your own life, and Ask him to show you what verses you must read in your Bible. I pray that when you do, that your life will be richly blessed.

Love and prayers,


About ann Harrison Author

I am a Christian author and a professional content writer who is totally blind. I also love to write about inspirational topics, such as spirituality, music, and anything else that my little heart desires. This includes character interviews, book reviews, and even a story or two. I write professional blog posts, landing pages and other materials for the word matters blog at www.ernestdempsey.com, and a company called rushcube. If anyone wants to find out more about my writing, or if you need a freelance content writer, please email me at annwrites@annwritesinspiration.com
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