the music of rain

On this beautiful, rainy, and blessed Friday Morning, I am thinking of God’s gift of rain.  I am not seeing it as a disappointment, because the weather is so gloomy, and the roads are muddy, if you live on a dirt road, and all that negative jazz about rain. No, I’m thinking about rain as God’s natural music.  As we all know, rain makes the flowers grow, gives the thirsty ground something to drink, and replennishes our water supply.  But did you know that rain can also be considered nature’s music?

Here’s a way to find the music that is hidden deep within the depths of the rain. Close your eyes, and listen to the showers of blessing falling either outside your window, on the roof of your car, (don’t close your eyes if you are driving), or all around you as you step outside on a rainy day, and feel God’s love wash over you.  This is how God turns a simple drop of rain into a shower of blessing.

The next time it rains, instead of complaining about the weather, take the time to hear God’s natural music, and thank Him for the Showers of blessing he is raining upon you, in the Blessed, Sweet, and Holy name of Jesus.

Love and prayers to you all, and I hope ant pray that you have a Blessed day in the Name of the Lord.


Jesus saves

Dear readers,

Hello, I am writing to you  to ask you some questions for you to think about today.  First of all, Do you feel that you are fulfilling what God wants you to do in your life?  Do you feel like he is moving you in a different direction?  If this is the case, I strongly urge you to ask him to lead direct and guide you according to His will. However, if you feel that there is no hope, turn to Jesus.  Do you know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior?  If not, now’s the time to fall on your knees and pray for forgiveness of your many sins, and ask God to come into your heart and take control of your life before it is eternally too late.  Now is the time to make a change in your life. 

Love and prayers to all my readers in wordpress land. May God richly bless you and keep you. For Our heavenly Father, and Our Lord Jesus Christ are worthy to be praised.  Romans 8:28 states that all things work for good to them that call upon the name of the Lord.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.  God has a mission for each of His children, What is your calling? If you don’t know the answer to this question, I urge you to ask God to use you according to His purpose, for it is His will not my will, or your will be don. To God be the Glory the Honor and Praise!




A blessed Fall Day

Hello to all you beautiful readers out in blog land, and in cyberspace, who link to my blog from my emails, or from facebook on this Blessed Tuesday afternoon.  Blessed be the name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! No matter how crazy this world is, God is still in control.

Let me explain a little about what happened to me a few months ago, and I will explain how it links to God’s plan for this country.  I had a dream that businesses everywhere were shutting down, and I along with several other people were asked to leave a particular store where I was shopping.  People were up in arms about the closing.  Before I awoke, I said “This is the end of life as we know it.” Little did I know, that the government shutdown would happen at the time. 

This is not a political post, far from it.  This government shutdown was no accident, God had this in his plans all along.  This has happened to bring our nation to it’s knees, because Our Heavenly Father will not be Mocked! The reason i am writing this today, is to ask each and every one of you who see this to Pray that God will bring our Nation back to him, Pray that he will protect His Children and Pray that the sin that is being committed  be stopped according to His will! I also encourage you to pray for the Nation of Israel as God has demanded, because the citizens of Israel are God’s chosen people. This isMy daily prayer.

On another note, I do Praise the Lord for this beautiful, yet cool automn weather.  I can’t see the turning of the leaves, but in the breeze I can hear them falling all around me, and if I am walking, I hear and feel the crunch of leaves underfoot.  Fall and Spring are my most favorite seasons, because the weather is cooler, I can hear the music of nature, and feel the breezes blowing through my open window, or on my body as I go out and about on any given day. 

One final prayer request I have for you dear readers is that you Pray that God will give me strength, and take away the pain I have been suffering in my hands, so I can play the music that God has placed in my heart, and use it and my writing to minister to others.  I hope this posting finds you well, and blessed.  May God bless you and keep you safe in these troubled times.  Go with God and He will certainly go with you.

Love and Prayers,